WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.
KangerTech Olit Kit
Olit is the first self-developed pod device of KangerTech with a sealable charging box that can provide a UV sterilization function. With the principle of fast sterilization and healthy vaping, Olit uses a high-tech LED germicidal UV lamp to kill the bacteria on the surface of the mouthpiece. It has passed multiple sterilization experiments of the Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry CAS and obtained the certification. This technique has solved the long-standing problem in the industry that the mouthpiece is hard to be cleaned and disinfected. Coming in an ergonomic design, Olit feels good in hand and looks high-quality with metal textures. It applies multiple surface treatment technologies such as electroplating and oxidation on the composite sheet material and glossy finish, which gives it an extremely luxurious appearance. Olit – your first choice for an e-cigarette with the sterilization function!
Product Parameters
Sterilization Box
Size: 46*19*105mm
Weight: 106g
Housing material: Aluminum alloy
Surface treatment: Anodizing
Battery capacity: 1200mAH
Display: OLED
Charging: Type-C, DC5V/1000mAh
Product Parameters
Dimension: 17*8.5*90mm
Pod capacity: 1.0mL
Coil resistance: 2.0Ohm
Battery capacity: 200mAH
Output voltage: constant voltage 3.2V
Output power: 6W
Vaping: Micro puff sensor
Charging: Insert it into the storage box and then the charging is started automatically

Safe and Healthy Vaping

Hygiene comes first when you vape with mouth.

The mouthpiece is easy to be infested with millions of germs due to frequent use. High-power ultraviolet light can kill the bacteria completely with an efficiency of over 99%.

Sterilization Method
1. Insert the e-cigarette into the storage box;
2. Close the lid to start automatic sterilization;
3. Sterilization is completed in 60 seconds.
Enjoy Nonstop Vaping
24 hours battery life
200 puffs of soft aerosol
30 minutes fast charging
200mAH+1200mAh battery capacity
Small, Stylish and Portable Easy to use, opening the lid with just a press of the button.
Close the lid and it is completely sealed, making it easy to carry on the plane.
Consistent and Strong Taste
The sealing design ensures the pod does not contact the outside air so that the taste is consistent.
With magnetic connection and air switch, the operation is quite simple.
Sterilization can be quickly completed in 60 seconds with an efficiency of up to 99%, which gives you a safe and clean vaping experience.

Smart battery level indication on OLED display

Safety Protection