WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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KangerTech XLUM Kit Instructions

After KangerTech started to focus on the built-in battery mod 2 years ago, KangerTech seems to have just disappeared in the market. Actually, we’ve released Pollex Mod, iKen Kit, Spider Kit, Vola Kit and so on in last 2 years. However, for some reasons, the built-in battery mods are still not widely accepted by vapers.

We do realize we went the wrong way, which gets far away from our original intention: To save more people from smoking! Now it’s time to get back on track. We do know it’s hard to win customers’ heart back since we’ve “disappeared” for a long time, but we will do our best!

XLUM Kit Details

The XLUM Kit is the latest kit released by KangerTech. The name XLUM stands for X-Luminous, in which X is the figure of mechanical design mod and Luminous indicates the racehorse lamp lighting on the mod when vaping.

The mod is powered by replaceable dual 18650 batteries rated for 200 watts. It features futuristic and adjustable standby screen and unique up/down button design.

The kit comes with a brand new KangerTech XLUM Tank, which is a 24.5 mm diameter tank with replaceable bulb glass that can hold 4.5 ml e-juice. In the package it comes with double 0.25 ohm NR Mesh coils, and it’s compatible with NR 2/8OCC.

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Since we sent our first batch of samples to some renowned YouTube reviewers, they’ve fed back some constructive advice on this kit. We’ve also received some customers’ feedback. We realize that this kit is not perfect as expected because we haven’t launched external battery mod for a long while. But KangerTech is always willing to listen to end users, and willing to make improvements so as to bring users better experience. At this point, we’ve spent more time in making this product better.

1.The delay problem

When you press the fire button and puff, you have to wait about 0.5 seconds before the vapor comes out. This is the biggest issue with the first batch of samples, and it’s mentioned by almost every reviewer. It can literally ruin the vaping experience of users to some extent.

Actually, this results from the effects of over-heating protection and chip response time delay. It’s obviously too long for users when our engineers set it as 0.5 seconds at first. Now we’ve changed the response time to zero, so you can instantly get your vapor once you press the fire button.

2. Noise and hot issue of tank

The XLUM Tank features easy top filling and adjustable airflow base. To be honest, the tank performs great, producing huge cloud and original flavor even at 40 watts. But when vaping it at high voltage, it gets noisy and hot.

The tank comes with an NR-8OCC and an NR-Mesh coil inside the package. We noticed that this problem only happens when NR-8OCC is installed, while the tank performs great with NR-Mesh coil. So we decide to put another mesh coil into the package instead of NR-8OCC coil. The new mesh coil fits for 20-60 watts, and performs best at 35-40 watts.

Moreover, we’ll improve the NR-0OCC and it will be available for separate purchase on our online store later.

3. Other potential problems

KangerTech always pursuits the flawless. We’ve resolved all the main issues mentioned above. What’s more, we’ve conducted lots of tests in the process, and made further improvements to avoid some other potential problems, such as adding an half-transparent red glass into the red kit as an alternative and removing a hidden trouble that may cause the screen to drop.

Now the improved XLUM Kit is available in our online store and stores of some distributors. We hope you all enjoy it and give us more feedback or any other advice. Your voice will be heard!