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KangerTech SUPO Pod System with MTL/DTL Interchangeable Feature-Is It Really Innovative?

Recently KangerTech just released a new pod system called the SUPO Kit. “SUPO” is the short form of “Suppository”. Really? No, I’m just kidding. It’s actually the abbreviation we use for “Sub-ohm Pod”. It was too late when we learned about its meaning in French. All files were settled about one year ago. So what’s done is done, and we’re truly sorry if the name has ever bothered you. But it might be a great pity if you missed it just because of the stupid name, as it’s such a unique pod system you have barely seen on the market. I’ll tell you the differences between the SUPO Kit and its counterparts. But I would leave you to judge if it’s unique enough for you, or if it’s a thing you should never miss.

Supo Kit Colorways

When the pod system hit the market with nicotine salts, all pods were pre-filled and disposable, which made it super convenient for beginners. Even today, this kind of pods are still popular among users. That’s also the reason why Juul has become one of the most profitable companies. But many people realized it was a waste of money that one pod only lasted for one cartridge of juice. So the refillable pods came out. Similar to the atomizer’s development, users have a diversity of requirements. Some of them want big clouds, while others want great flavors. Even though the pod systems are restricted in size, there are still many that stand out with their super performance. For instance, some pod systems can provide changeable coils or pods to meet different needs.

As we know, the pod system gets popular due to its portable size yet decent flavors. Replacing its pod or coil to obtain a different vaping experience will get more tricky to deal with. If we look back into the history of electronic cigarette, it’s hard to say if it’s going forward or backward. As is known, vape industry started with simple-structured cigalike vape pens, then turned to box mods and sub-ohm tanks, and now goes back to ultra user-friendly pod systems.

Now let’s turn to the SUPO pod system. It only has one cartridge with one coil head. It sounds like every pod system does this, but the difference is the SUPO Kit has two different wicking wires inside the coil head, which have two different resistances: 1.0Ohm and 0.6Ohm.

SUPO Kit Coil Works

Both of these wires are made of Kanthal, but they work independently. You can also find the pins located at the bottom of the pod are different: two pins at the left and one pin at the right (Attention: Don’t insert the pod reversely).

Supo Pod Pins

Unlike other pod system devices with fire buttons, the SUPO kit has a switch for you to change the different resistance coils working. And there are airflow holes designed below the switch.

When you pull the switch to the left, four airflow holes open and the 0.6Ohm wicking wire works, which gives you an almost DTL (Direct to Lung) vaping experience. When you pull the switch to the right, one hole airflow opens and the 1.0Ohm wicking wire works, which is for MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping. But the whole kit is still air-activated.

I’ll cut the rest of its features short: 800mAh internal battery, dedicated magnetic-type charger, and three-color battery indicator light. White light goes on for 66%-100% battery level, blue light goes on for 31%-65% battery level, and red light goes on for the battery level below 30%. When it comes to flavor performance, I would give it a 9 out of 10 for MTL vaping, and 8 out of 10 for DTL vaping. The only problem is the draw is a little bit loose for MTL, while a little bit tight for DTL.

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Overall, the KangerTech SUPO Kit does differ from others. It is a reliable alternative for you when you’re not sure which is a better way to consume your e-juice. No matter you’re using nicotine salts or regular e-juice, this portable device can always suit your needs.

Supo Kit Red

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